Review: Dream Eater (Portland Hafu #1)


~ARC provided from Netgalley~

No more semantics skirting. I was Baku. I ripped dream fragments from people and ate their power.

The number one reason why I was interested in reading this novel was because I am a sucker for Japanese culture so it was really nice to read a novel that incorporates Japanese mythologies and Japanese characters. I personally think that is very rare in an age where werewolves and vampire stories are the norm.

The first book (I believe this is a series) introduces us to Koi Pierce, who is a Baku and lives in Portland. Baku are beings who can eat nightmares and dreams, harnessing those dreams into energy. One touch for Koi causes her to see visions of their dreams for her. Now Koi doesn’t know a single thing about what she is because her Baku father didn’t explain it, leading her to think she was some freak of nature.

The novel follows Koi discovering what she actually really is along with the adventure that follows. And of course, can’t have a heroine without a love interest ;). Ken is a kitsune or magical fox being who can cast illusions. He is sent by the council of magical beings to bring back Koi’s father. He is also kinda their assassin.

“You are hiding in here, talking yourself into some kind of escape. You won’t get ride of me that easily.”

The positive things about this book for me were:
– It was an interesting plot with unique settings
– Koi and Ken’s chemistry was good. Like really good. Want more please.
– Very vivid writing

The negative things about this book was:
– There were so many elements that sometimes I couldn’t keep up because the flow just broke here and there. I couldn’t tell when Koi was still dreaming or when Koi has snapped out if it. There were few parts where I was quite confused? because I don’t know what’s going on all of a sudden.
– I would have liked to see more character development? Marlin, Koi’s sister isn’t much use in the novel but I would have liked to see some family development between the sisters and their father? Of course, this is the first book so I want to see more development in Koi as she grows into what she is. And of course, more Koi and Ken. Yes.

*Review of an ARC copy. Hence, the final version might have some differences.


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